Each constellation1 reigns in the sky for a full lunar month (either 31 or 29 days). Due to the timing of the moons orbits, the zodiacs only begin on the same day every 19 years, 11 months, and 22 days (7,192 days).

Constellations of the Dragon Moon:
Constellations of the Fire Moon:

Sign Attributes

Astrologers associate each house with
* personality traits;
* a particular metal or gemstone considered especially conducive to the energies of the house;
* with one of the four elements; with professions that find the sign auspicious;
* with a particular school of magic; and
* with tasks that are best performed or started under that sign.

1 Most of this information comes from “Relics and Rituals 2, Lost Lore” (C)2002, White Wolf Publishing, Inc.


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