Præmal has a 360-day year broken down into 30-day months. A standard week has 7 days. At the moment, all names are the same as their English equivalent.

The two moons are full at the same time once every 899 days (2-years, 5-months, and 29 days), when the fire moon passes in front of the dragon moon. This is known by sages as a Lesser Conjunction. Every 10th conjunction is Greater, and every 100th is Major. Conjunctions of the moons influence the strength and power of magic in the world.

Each moon has eight constellations with corresponding zodiac signs. Each sign has both a positive aspect (when waxing and full), and negative aspect (when waning and new); the aspects are referred to as either Ascendant or Descendant. Astrological lore holds that the birth sign of a person has some influence over his or her personality; this is not universally true, and the strength of the influence varies from person to person.



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